Mens Aran Sweater Guide

men's sweater guide - everything you need to know before you buy your perfect mens sweater

Men's Sweaters - why you need them in your wardrobe?

Sweater, jumper or pullover – No matter what name we use, everyone thinks about this particular product that has quickly become staple in every mens wardrobe. They are great way to add texture and layer with shirts to keep you warm and comfortable. For most of us this sweater season fever starts during the early autumn and ends at the turn of April and May. However, we have to admit that the perfect time to stock up for the colder seasons is the beginnig of New Year. We can take adventage of all the reductions and discounts that companies are offering us. Whether it’s through newletter, free shipping offer or just simple sale. When we’ve finally decided to make some move and invest more money to expand our collection we usually come across problems such as? Where to start? What pattern is the best for me? How well fitted the sweater should be? This subject is really tough especially when it comes to men’s section. We all know that shopping should be a pleasant experience that fulfill all your needs. That is why, we are here to help and give you some tips and tricks regarding your concerns.

First of all we have to look over all of the factors that makes our purchase worth the inevestment. What truly defines price that we’re able to see in the shop?

What makes sweater worth the price?

Materials that were used during the production process

If you've ever looked for a high quality sweater, first thing that you've probably noticed is a difference in prices within the same looking products. Everything starts at the beginning of the production process when we need to decide which ingredients we're going to use in order to make the final product. In our opinion, sweater that is definitely worth the splurge should be constructed from the natural materials. All types of wool are something that you're looking for. Before your purchase check the label for the list of the ingredients and If some of those wool yarns such as: cashmere, merino wool, lambswool, 100% wool are listed it means that you're going to enjoy your sweater for a long time.

Not feature Brand logos

Brand logos are unnecassary in our wardrobe. They're not adding anything to your outfit and only making them harder to create. Not only our sweaters are going to look heavy due to the way they were knitted but also we're layering it with more details - in this case brand logos. Simplicity is a key to mens fashion!

Properly fitted

It's always a nightmare to find perfectly fitted sweater and we often don't want spend a lot of time trying more items. At this point it is very likely that most of the men's audience are able to relate to this problem. We are going to explore this issue even further in the following part of this article.

Shouldn't Pill Excesively

Our sweaters should look impeccable - that's what we paid for, isn't it? Unfortunately sometimes things are not performing as well as we want them to. Pilling is one of those issues. It's usually caused by cheap material used in the producta or we're simply not following the care instructions provided on the label.

How to properly fit your sweater?


Sleeves are really important part of men’s sweaters and cardigans. Their lenght should ends at the base of your thumb. If you want your long sleeve shirt to peak through and at the same time  keep a good taste, you can choose a sweater with sleeves that ends 1/2″ before the base of your thumbs. This way you’ll be able to create this fashionable trick but in a proper way.


You definitely want to feel comfortable in this part, as a result we highly recommend to buy sweaters with a little bit of extra material in this section. Just like that, you’ll avoid your shirt’s seams to be noticable.


Shoulder seams of your sweater should lay exactly when your shoulder bones end.

Hem of the sweater

Should end on your waistband, perfectly overlaping it. If your sweater is bunches when you’re sitting or vice versa – it means that you chose the wrong size and it’s either too long or too short for you. Try another one to see what difference does it make.

Now, After considering all of the aspects mentioned above, we want you to focus on the sweater styles and how you can implement them to your everyday outfits.

Men's Sweater Styles

This is the most versatile style in the whole men’s sweater section. It’s an absolute must have in everyone’s wardrobe. It seamlessly goes with your most worn shirts to create an effortless look desired for years now.

this is deffinitely our second choice, right after the v-neck sweater. You might ask what makes them so different? First of all, when it comes to crew neck sweaters especially a light weight one, we can have more fun with the design. We’re not focusing our whole attention on the emphasized shape of our neck and we can experiment more with it. From colorful, heavy patterns to simple staples – we will always find a way to make it work.

It’s probably the most recognizable piece of men’s wardrobe. We don’t need to intruduce this product. Simply – must have in everyone’s wardrobe!

This is so far our favourite position on the list. Well fitted cardigans are a must have nowadays, which means we can find it nearly in every store possible. This is the perfect moment when you want to introduce the Shawl Collar Cardigan to your everyday outfits. There is something special about this style that we can’t get enough of wearing.

They are less formal than Shawl Collar Cardigans but still a good way to make your outfit stand out. In our opinion, one of the reasons why this will be a good choice for you is that this style is much less common than the Crew Neck ones. Make your collection more versitile this year!

This particular style was designed with all of us in mind. Whether you’re an active person or you’d rather wear your favourite formal shirt – this sweater will be your go-to. Bear in mind fact that the best way to wear it is to keep the neck fully open. Show your most loved shirts in a truly stylish way.

We all remember the times when George Clooney wore this iconic turtleneck sweater in his movies. Unfortunately while years started to passing by, everyone forgot about this once loved style. It has stayed that way for decades when we finally reached the turnover point. Now, we can confidently admit that they’re back and better than ever. Tip: Layer your turtleneck sweater underneath your favourite coat or jacket to get the best out of it. If you’re not feeling comfortable in this style, it’s good to start from something more simple like crew neck sweater at the beginning.

To sum up...

We all agree that sweaters became a staple in every men’s wardrobe. You’re more likely reach for your favourite sweater in the morning than other pieces of your wardrobe. That is why, we don’t want to be afraid of investing more money in order to get better quality. To get even more bang for your buck follow those rules mentioned above to seamlessly incorporate more designs to your outfits. If you feel inspired and ready to discover more, check out the men’s section on our website. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

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