The Aran Sweater in a Mass Media World

Aran sweaters – everyone has probably heard that name once in their lives. They are traditional Irish knitwear originated on the Aran Islands by fishermen, to help them overcome the unfovarable weather conditions. In that moment, nobody would have even imagined that those bold knits are going to be loved by celebrities nowadays. From movies to even computer games – in this article we will try to dig deeper into this subject and explain why these inconspicuous item went viral.

It all started in 1950 when the first picture of the style icon and well known, almost legendary beauty Grace Kelly wearing aran sweater, was shown to the public. From there the snowball effect has started. In 1956 Vogue took interest in their unique pattern and fetured its concept in their magazine. Time was passing by and Aran sweaters were becoming even more and more popular. Hovewer along with their popularity, over the past few decades we were able to witnessed numerous changes regarding the development of technology. They makes the communication process even easier than it was in the past. As a result the saturation of media has drastically increased. That’s where the term mass media was used. It’s a type of communication whether it is written or spoken that is able to reach a much larger audience. When we are talking about mass media we mean mostly – Internet, streaming services, bilboards etc. They all had a huge impact on spreading the word and setting up the fashion trends. We stopped limiting ourselves only to television and newspaper. Correspondingly we’ve noticed the significant shift to more available for us and easier to use platforms. Nowadays mass media are responsible for almost every aspect of our lives thus far. It means that they are also responsible for aran sweaters went viral so quickly since the first time we saw them in the fashion’s magazine. Now, when we all know why, the only question that’s left is “How it was possible?”. Here are some example where Aran sweaters were shining on the first plan.

MoMA - Aran Jumper as one of the Worlds Most Iconic Fashion Statements

We have to go back for a moment to the 2017 when Museum of Modern Art in New York decided to award aran sweater and choose them as a on of the world’s ost iconic designs. The traditional Irish garment was included in the most prestigious exhibitions along with the staples such as Biker Jacker from 1950 or pair of Levi’s 501 jeans. We have to mentioned that items that took part in this particular event were chosen due to their huge and undeniable impact on fashion industry. In our opinion, it was the first, real break through that aran sweaters has experience in their long journey to everyone’s heart.j


Chris Evans Wearing Aran Sweater in Knives Out


We can’t forget about famous murder mystery thriller that stole Irish people hearts due to unforgetable duo – Chris Evans and an Aran Sweater. Knives Out storm the first pages of fashion articles claiming that all time favourite Irish garment is back in the game and looks better than ever. Those bold white cable knits has played the main role once again. For once we weren’t paying attention for the perfect, muscular Chris Evan’s Body and we admired strenght that only true Irish design can give you. If you’re looking for exactly the same style as our favourite actor wore here is a link, where you can buy it, also in different colours.

Bioshock - Video Game


Do we have any video games fans here? We’ve recently came across genuinely interesting discovery. One of our co-workers loves to dig into fantasy world that you’re able to experience only in the books and also games! Recently, she was playing Bioshock, popular game, well known for their beautifull graphics designs and the main story character was wearing – yes indeed, one and only Aran sweater. You can’t miss on this pattern anywhere.

What Now?

We have high hopes that this Aran sweater movement will still inspire everyone – from customers to even celebrities. Its unique design can change your entire outfit in a blink of an eye. What’s more important for us nowadays is that they are made from 100% natural materials which makes them easy to mantain, healthy for our body and friendly for our environment as well. Discover its benefits and you’ll never change it for any other sweater. Share your Aran sweater outfit on social media and keep spreading the word once again.

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