How to Wear Aran Knitwear

How to wear Aran Sweaters - Simple Guide

Aran Sweaters - History Behind Them

Everything has started on the Aran Islands where Aran sweaters originated many generations ago. The Islanders were mainly fishmermans and farmers whom had to handle the unfavourable weather conditions. From this need the idea of aran sweaters was born and its herritage lasts to these day, carrying the history of traditional Irish clans that existed back in the day. Every stich represents different meaning – if you want to learn more about the aran knitting patterns visit our another blog post where we’ve provided much more detailed information related to this topic.

Fortunately, one thing stays the same – this unique style that everyone recognize and love for so many years now.
Nowadays, many modern companies draw inspiration from this out of ordinary knitting patterns and are trying to implement them to their products. This is also the main reason why Aran sweaters are becoming more and more popular these days. Under those circumstances we’ve started to wonder: What is the best way to style Aran patterned sweaters? In this post we’re going to answer this question and make your styling proccess much easier than it used to be.

Model wearing an aran patterned sweater in the corn field

How to style Aran sweaters?

Simple Guide

1. Make it simple - pair it with the jeans.

Sometimes most of us have a tendency to overthinking their ideas and constantly trying to improve them. It’s not always a good thing that is going to make our life easier. Usually in the morning we don’t have much time and every saved minute become precious. In this exact moment you’re going to appreaciate your Aran sweater the most. Remember – make it simple and just pair it with your favourite jeans. Wool properties will take care of your daily struggles, which means that you can go on with your day and don’t worry about sweat, temperature, rain etc.

3. Avoid necklaces

Everyone loves jewelery. Unfortunately when it comes to Aran sweaters we want to be careful. We highly recommend to avoid necklaces. Matching so many patterns with your favourite necklace will make it dissapear, overwhelmed by your whole outfit. On the other hand you deffinitely want to opt for watches, bracelets, sunglasses or even belts. They are place in the neutral ares that will help you include your most loved accessories.

2. Layer with collar shirts

We have to admit that there is something special in this particular combination. Aran sweaters usually are made from more than one stitch which makes them a standalone piece that acts a main role in your outfit. In this case the safiest option is to go with your simple and plain shirt that won’t add any unessecary effect. That is why it’s quite surpring that collar shirts have passed the test and we need to admit that they’re changing a whole perspective.

4. Perfectly goes with the leather jacket

You can’t go wrong with the basic leather jackets that has became a staple in our wardrobe for years now. Its neautral colour and lack of texture makes it a perfect partner for every aran sweaters available on the market. You’ll achieve an effortles look within minutes which is going to keep you warm for a long time in a truly stylish way. If it’s not enough for you, complete the look with washed out, black jeans and well known black fitted martens boots.

3. Create contrast

Pattern is not everything. We have to keep in mind that colour has a huge impact on the final effect as well. If we want to make it right, there is one rule that we want to stick to it. Remember whenever you’re wearing a darker tone aran sweater you want keep your bottom light and vice versa. As a result your aran pattern will stand out even more in your outfit. That is deffinitely what we are all about.

Irish Pride

Whether you’re wearing your favourite aran sweater with jeans, leather jacket or even dress – is all about you. You have to feel comfortable and express yourself in the way that you want to. There are no restriction in fashion and everything depends on your style. These are just tips and tricks that will help you tame this unique and heavy pattern. If you want to purchase youe very first Aran patterned sweater or cardigan – we highly recommend to check our store for more inspirations!

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